Getting on point.

The sharp arrow of Archer was a mainstay of their brand from the day they first stepped into business. Using this idea as a starting point, we married the concepts of the compass and precision cross-hairs into a logomark that was uniquely Archer, whilst retaining flexibility to use elements from the logo in a myriad of other brand elements.

Archer colour palette

Brand Assets.

Archer needed a brand asset library that was stable to appeal to their corporate and government clients, yet inviting and even whimsical when the occasion called for it - after all, providing bespoke engineering solutions is another form of creativity.

We created a fun and appropriate colour palette and tesselating triangular pattern that could be adapted as required across a number of mediums. 

mockup of Archer stationary
Archer shop front

Global manufacturing from one space.

Talking ideas and production from one factory on the Central Coast, NSW, to a global audience is not easy - or at least, it wasn't when Archer first went into business. Taking control of their digital presence, Archer was in need of a new website that could host everything a potential client could need to know, whether they were perusing, researching on a tender, or simply looking to expand on an existing supplier partnership. 

Framing up the process.

It's often difficult to convey everything a company does purely in words, so we spent reasonable time with Archer to create their perfect image library.

With a combination of studio photos of the end-product, and engaging images from the factory floor, Archer now have a library of thousands of images to draw from. Perfect for getting a new tender across the line.

drill pieces
machine parts
computer software screenshot
technician working
factory machinery