Start your engines!

This event was a load of fun, and we had the opportunity to develop some great technology for it too.

Building on the BASF theme around racing, the entire event was styled with this in mind. Delegates received racing jackets, and the theme formed the basis for all gameplay ideas, with a pit-stop challenge using actual racing cars, Batak response games, and a host of others.

This experience was replicated in three countries. China, India, and Singapore, across a three-week period.

Inclusive team building.

In order to bring delegates further into the gameplay experience, we developed a method to build their own digital likeness as part of the online registration process.

This resolved two questions from BASF:

  1. How do we ensure images are high quality and clear, to ensure the concept works?
  2. How do we include delegates from areas of the world where access to technology may impair their participation?


A whole event in just seconds.

We created this timelapse to showcase the scale and technology requirements for these events. But really, it's just fun to watch. This is from the Singapore location.

What made this a Limeworks project?

Event registration and delegate management

Our custom-developed registration portal collected all information required for a seamless event. Customised itineraries were provided for all delegates, as well as data exports for accommodation, registration desk, and airport transfers.

Avatar builder and asset management

Incorporated into the registration system was the avatar builder. These avatars were heavily integrated into event graphics both on and off screen, to maintain cohesion across all collateral.

Live scoreboard system for gameplay

All gameplay managers were provided with iPads for timekeeping, to live-display results on the huge virtual scoreboards. These also included names and avatars from the registration system. The scorekeeping system was also used to award prizes at the final Gala Dinner.