A fresh approach to presentation.

Over the years, Big Sister Foods had introduced product ranges and adapted existing ones to better suit the market, but hadn’t been able to maintain a large library of lifestyle images that showcased these products.

Limeworks created an extensive image library for Big Sister Foods that was mouth-wateringly enticing, but accessible and realistic.

fruit cake and fruit platter
muffins, blueberries and chocolate platter
pudding and grapes

From preservation to driving appeal.

Continuing with the bright, fresh and realistic look Limeworks created for the product photography, a new set of packaging styles were developed.

The new wrap-label style, paired with natural fabrics and ribbon packaging, gave the product an artisanal feel that was much more palatable to a modern consumer.

packaging examples

Earning a place at the table.

To further appeal to a more health-conscious audience, we added large indicators of relevant values, such as fruit content and Low GI status.

The large markers were also designed to aid quick customer shelf-to-cart decision making when comparing products.

Nostalgia in the modern era.

Big Sister Foods embraced their history. It was critical to retain the homesteading feel of the late 1940s whilst still making the information accessible for the average website user.

What made this a Limeworks project?

Mouth-watering photography.

Our in-house team provided full art direction and photography at our studio, producing stylised and catalogue images.

Perfect packaging.

Our packaging production experience meant there were no hurdles between concept and production-ready artwork.