For Harte Hanks,
the objective was evolution.

We conceived the idea of a cityscape to base the visuals in. The city provided a strong analogy for constructing the future of Harte Hanks. Additionally, it provided an engaging way to introduce speakers. With 3D fly-throughs we pan around strategically placed billboards, which serve to introduce each speaker throughout the events.

Day One - Laying Foundations.
With cranes in the sky and limited building heights, the visuals are present-day, with a broad daylight style.

Day Two - Future
The city has developed rapidly, with new buildings reaching for the sky. The ambient lighting has evolved to sunset, further demonstrating the progression of time.

Gala Dinner - Evening
We find ourselves in the city on a crisp evening. These visuals for the Gala Dinner complete the transition of our city, representing success and completion.

This subtle time evolution helped retain audience attention while creating a brand-relevant and event-relevant story. The visual changes aligned perfectly with the sesseion programme for the duration of the event.


The shareholders are coming!

Creating a 3D city was just the beginning!

The next event was in New York City at the InterActiveCorp (IAC) building with one of its very unique features. One of the world's largest indoor display screens!

At 36m long (120-feet), there was no "off-the-shelf" option for developing the on-screen media.

On-site, IAC had a system of 10 individual display computers, multiplexed together. Fortunately, we can adapt to anything!

Our solution? Replicate 36m of screen using six full-HD monitors, driven with our custom display hardware and scaling.

Replicating the screens unique aspect ratio, allowed us to develop and test the visuals with confidence. Destined for a display 16,000km away, we could ensure there were no surprises on show day.

In addition, we ensured Harte Hanks kept their obligations covered as a public company by providing dual redundant recording of the entire event. Our services extended to providing assistance to Reuters for the live stream too.

What made this a Limeworks project?

Immersive audiovisual experience.

We created an entire 3D city with progressive messaging, as well as subtle cues such as client logos embedded on buildings to engeage the audience!

Custom-developed event app.

We developed and deployed a custom app which allowed deep audience interactivity including live audience polling, delegate directory and contact sharing tools, customised itineraries, and so much more.

This was seamlessly tied to the style and objectives of the motion graphics and printed collateral for the event too.

Operational perfection.

With the share price hinging on a successful event, failure was not an option. With so much technology involved, our planning and preparation reduced the risk of unexpected issues.