Giving products a home.

House-branded products are the mainstay of Jaycar, with hundreds of new items being introduced each year.

As part of the recent Jaycar rebrand, we improved and modernised all house brand product packaging. One aspect of this process involved rationalising around a dozen different house brands down to just four.

Across hundreds of products, a bottleneck can create huge challenges. All house-brand packaging is specifically developed to blend shelf-appeal and product information, with production efficiency.

Additionally, with a brand lifecycle of at least a few years (but likely around a decade), rock-solid process is key for consistency.

Perfect production.

Along with each brand, a comprehensive brand guide has been developed to include brand assets, as well as all product packaging. This creates a backstop for all production.

Our communication system provides total transparency to every stage of the process, while an array of custom-designed integrations allow access to critical information. These integrations help avoid human error in many stages of the process, further improving efficiency.

All assets created including product photos and copy, is sent directly back to Jaycar with a variety of methods to flow through to websites, advertising platforms, and more. This completes the information flow so assets can get where they're needed.

Going to market.

With everything available at our fingertips, this efficiency flows to additional marketing material too.

Whether it's the next flyer, annual 600-page product catalogue, or content for a digital display; our deep integration means we can deliver on any requirements quickly and efficiently, while bringing our best creative to the task too.

Jaycar catalogues

Getting things moving.

We have also worked autonomously with Jaycar products to develop loads of videos. Most recently, a series of explainer videos.

This is where our technical ability really shines. With a car-load of products, we quickly got to work developing scripts, casting, presenting, and editing into concise, technically informative videos.

What makes this a Limeworks project?

Streamlined systems.

We have developed custom data feeds from their core systems to ours, so nobody's trying to email bulky files or shuffle documents. We've removed human error with direct data whenever feasible.

Open communication.

Over 40 people have direct communication with our team in a collaborative environment. Team members can loop others in and out as required, and the whole process is totally transparent.

Clear and defined process.

With so many assets being created, so much data flowing, it could become a management nightmare. With the right process, everyone can be confident in the quality and accuracy of the outcomes.