Laglam product

Natural, mineral makeup
with perfect coverage.

Great for skin, great for the environment.

Establishing the range.

We brought Amanda's vision to life with an Art-Deco revival feel for LaGlam.

As this was a new brand launch, there was no established creative for the brand or product. With photography and design is under the same roof, we were in a unique position to accelerate the creative timeline and produce a cohesive look across the board.

The creative vision.

Everything needed to demonstrate a high-class, yet accessible offering for LaGlam.

While the range is well priced, mineral makeup can still command a premium compared to traditional options. Finding the balance between perceived value and affordability was key.

LaGlam products LaGlam products
LaGlam product stand
LaGlam store

Summer loving.

As LaGlam moved into the next season of growth, so did the creative. The desire to highlight the benefits of mineral makeup, such as the natural elements of the product's composition, became paramount.

In addition to the new collection of catalogue images and a stunning new face to show them off, we included more organic imagery of powders where appropriate, as well as a transition to lighter backgrounds.

What made this a Limeworks project?

Colour accuracy.

Our workflows make light work of colour consistency. After all, the shade of lipstick in-store needs to be identical to what the model is wearing, as well as being accurately represented in the brochure.

Timely delivery.

This industry moves fast! There's no time to waste, and our creative is delivered quickly and efficiently every time.

Simple repeatability.

Range evolution is inevitable. We can slot a new product in any time, while ensuring it still looks 100% part of the original range.