Embracing the challenge.

Hinging off their past successes and visibility of their community brand ambassadors, Mitavite & Limeworks worked together to launch the Mitavite 12 Week Challenge.

The program was designed as a way to encourage customers to explore their product range with their horses without the commitment of a permanent change - essentially asking them to ‘see the results for themselves’ and encourage customers to become their own inspiration.

Mitavite products
Mitavite products

Branded for success.

This strategy relied heavily on directly encouraging customers to make active decisions about their purchasing. To build confidence and assurance, every element of the challenge campaign included vibrant imagery, aligning with the intended successful outcomes.

Three steps to engaging visuals.

Stability and support.
The challenge was co-branded with the Mitavite word-mark, and supporting elements, such as font styles and bold colours, were consistent with existing Mitavite branding.

We echoed a sense of adventure and excitement by including a depth-dimension to the logo.

The use of gold tones, the red ribbon, and the powerful combination of those elements with strong typographic elements encouraged a vision of reward at the completion of the challenge.

A portal to better equine nutrition.

Mitavite's customers were able to sign up for the challenge via an online portal, using their social integrations or a more traditional email/password login. Once their account was activated, they could create a 'challenge' for each horse, and follow along with an itemised, week-by-week program for each horse they registered. Redemption form downloads, weekly information bites and photo updates were all key to a satisfying user experience. 

For each horse that completed the challenge, the system automatically provided the participants with a digital certificate and advised the Mitavite team of the need to fulfill an order for a completion vest and physical certificate.

Auto-generated, personalised EDMs.
Upon registration, every week, and on completion; the system behind the challenge had to synthesise information supplied by Mitavite's nutritionist and the participant to create relevant emails loaded with meaningful content. Limeworks was able to create a system that could generate these emails with ease. 

System-based fulfilment of completion prize pack.
For each horse that completed the 12 week nutrition challenge with verified redemption forms was eligible to receive a certificate of completion and a Mitavite-cobranded vest. We automated the creation of the PDF downloadable certificate and created orders for the physical copy of the certificate and vest to be sent directly to the challenge participant by the Mitavite team. 

Adding support to Mitavite's authority with online nutritional calculators.
Created by Limeworks and provided as a free-access resource on Mitavite's website, these calculators were designed to allow equine enthusiats and professionals alike to assess the condition of their horse based on a number of factors, including BMI, physcial measurements, activity levels, breed and age.

What made this a Limeworks project?

Amazing automation.

Any parts of the system that could be automated for hands-off functionality, including digital completion certificates. Anything that still required human hands was still provided an administration console to simplify management.

Engagement boosting.

Bi-weekly emails were sent to participants to remind them to continue engaging with the programme and share their progress.

Functionality extension.

We also developed and launched the Advocate Programme which is an education portal. Using the same systems we could provide common access so participants didn't have to register twice with one brand. This also allowed seamless cross-promotion.