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Not The Rob Bell Podcast

Episode 003

Executive to Entrepreneur (at 66)

How Colin Price is leveraging corporate experience with his brand new venture.

With an illustrious career including General Manager of one of the countries largest horse feed manufacturers, Colin Price is taking 30 years of experience to launch a brand new company at Age 66.

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Episode 002

The Number 1 Essential Skill for Success

How Erica Davis is teaching the digital generation about communication.

Erica Davis is no stranger to good communication. She's been a TV and Radio host for more almost 20 years, and has developed some amazing communication skills.

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Episode 001

From Benefits to $5 MILLION

How Jane Beale fostered culture and growth.

In this episode, we have Jane Beale who started All Areas Speech Pathology. She's battled Breast Cancer, bureaucracy, and grew from a small practice to 19-offices and $5M in revenue.

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Episode 000

NOT The Rob Bell Podcast

The Trailer

Welcome to NOT the Rob Bell Podcast where we talk with business owners, marketers, and professionals to extract what makes people and businesses successful.

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