Product enrichment that works.

Product enrichment is a broad term for taking a raw product and transforming it into something retail ready, that’s desirable. It’s ultimately all about driving sales.

Picture this; Your ad campaign is performing well. You’ve got extra clicks on your website and great foot traffic in your store.

Product enrichment is about converting that traffic into sales. Your packaging is going to help your in-store customers be drawn to your products.

Selling online, it may be more about product images, videos and product copy, too. Yet even online, great right product packaging will turn a brown box delivery into an Instagrammable product experience.

If you’re manufacturing or importing products, you may need the fundamentals of product enrichment, that is, images, packaging and copy. If you’re reselling products, you may have these fundamental aspects covered, but we can help you drive sales by enriching the product further.

This may include product specific advertising, explainer videos, in-situ photos to demonstrate application, or so much more. Realistically, it’s probably a combination of those things.

You may be introducing one or a thousand products a year, or perhaps your pre-launch and don’t even know where to start. Limeworks can guide you with thorough market understanding, sensational creative ability and unparalleled efficiency with high volume production.

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