Building audiences with BBQs, for a market-leading loyalty programme

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How do you create a community of thousands of raging fans? With stellar content and Barbeques Galore is all over it.

We were engaged by Barbeques Galore to create thirty six videos. Three courses delivered by some amazing influencers.

With just weeks from inception to delivery, we delivered masterclass style content with just two crew.

Filming in Sydney, Port Macquarie and down to Victoria, in just five days of production, we produced over four hours of stellar content.

But filming all that content was just the start, then the real work began.

Using great process and a methodical approach, our five editors could work together to deliver all that content in record time. 

The result.

The result is over four hours of amazing 4K content, allowing members of the Barbeques Galore Barbeque Legends Club to barbeque better.

This content is available only to members of the (free to join) Barbeque Legends Club on Facebook where you can find all 36 videos.

But here’s a little taste…

Behind the production

The work, in detail.

Barbeque’s Galore created the Barbeque Legends Club to show their fans just what’s possible with your BBQ.

With an enthusiastic audience, this content strategy needed some stunning content to feed their appetite.

We had been creating digital advertising content for Barbeques Galore for some time, so naturally they came to us to produce this amazing initiative. 

  • Three separate productions, in Western Sydney,  Port Macquarie, and Plenty Victoria.
  • Four influencers had been engaged to develop and host content for this series. Chef Joshua Mason, Pittmaster Adam Roberts, and Instagram celebrities The Grill Sisters.
  • Across five days of filming, we captured content for 36 online courses, destined for the Barbeque Legends Club.
  • As soon as the first collection of 12 videos with Chef Joshua Mason were filmed, out team immediately started editing, while we moved on to Port Macquarie to film with Pittmaster Adam Roberts. 
  • With a short period before we headed to Melbourne for the final production, editing was well underway.
  • The Melbourne production went off without a hitch (a little classic Melbourne weather was no match!). 
  • With all content now captured and safely backed up on our enterprise grade hardware, the pace of editing was staggering. 
  • We quickly went through revisions with the Barbeques Galore marketing team to get all content tightened up to perfection. 
  • All 36 videos, plus three promotional videos for digital advertising were delivered, where they have received a stellar response from members of the Barbeques Galore Barbeque Legends Club.
  • We also delivered hundreds of stills, for use in further promotions. While photography was not part of the brief in this project, our ultra high resolution cinema quality cameras allow us to extract stills easily.

All this with just weeks from inception to delivery.

The Barbeques Galore BBQ Legends Club programme has since been listed as a finalist for “Loyalty Programme of the Year” in the Inside Retail awards for 2022. 

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