Capturing personality with video for strategy with style


When Kathy Rhodes, the Chief Alchemist at Thought Alchemists, came to Limeworks, we knew that we could do something special.

Kathy initially approached Limeworks to create a simple video for her upcoming website relaunch, but we knew we could do so much more.

As Kathy herself works so closely with her clients, her personality and personal brand are an important piece of the story, too.

We came up with the idea to showcase her captivating personality through video.

We spent an entire day, both on location and in the studio to capture some stunning content that brought her personality to life. 

The result.

The result is a series of captivating clips that showcase Kathy’s personality and the Thought Alchemists brand for prospective clients before they get in touch.

Here’s a few of the final clips:

A word from Kathy.

Perfection! Rob Bell and the team at Limeworks strive for it. And they achieve it. Over and over again. Their technical knowledge. Their outcome-driven solutions. Their no-fuss processes. Limeworks is the perfect partner for brands of all sizes, and projects of all kinds. Call them! You’ll never look back.

Kathy Rhodes, Chief Alchemist, Thought Alchemists

Behind the production

Location BTS photographs thanks to Oak Street Images.
The work, in detail.

This was a sensational rapid production to capture Kathy’s personality in a buttery slow motion style.

With very specific production goals, across a full day of production, we produced 26 special-format videos for use on the Thought Alchemists website, as well as 50 standard-format videos. 

Shortly after this production, Limeworks was also engaged to further improve the Thought Alchemists website to better utilise the powerful video content now available. 

  • Half day on location, half day in the Limeworks studio
  • Colour-matched studio background for alignment with Thought Alchemists’ brand colour
  • 26 special format (ultra widescreen) videos for incorporation on the Thought Alchemists website
  • 49 standard format (widescreen) videos in both 4K and Full HD, for use in any other applications including keynote presentations.

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