Creating efficiency and improving accuracy for a 5,000 product catalogue


RTM are a retailer of boating, four wheel drive, and caravanning accessories with over twenty five stores around the country.

Despite a very strong digital presence with over 6000 product lines in stock, many customers turn to their printed catalogue to find the products that they’re looking for.

Despite there being many creative aspects to a catalogue like this, the technical challenges is really where Limeworks excels.

For each one of those six thousand products, we have product copy, images and multiple prices.

When Road Tech Marine came to Limeworks, we knew we could solve many of these challenges with great technology, even though it took some custom development.

Technical data, pricing and so much more come straight into the Limeworks office thanks to a custom development.

All that data, and specifically pricing, can come straight into creative layouts to ensure accuracy, removing the burden of heavy checking from the marketing team.

Leveraging our integration, all of that data, especially pricing, can be updated within minutes of core changes being made at the client office.

These large catalogues are the perfect example of where our technology and our creativity really combine.

Every time we produce a catalogue, it’s done more efficiently, with better accuracy, and less burden on the client.

But our work doesn’t stop there. We can leverage over 20 years of working relationships with the big printers to make sure it comes out precisely as it’s intended. But importantly, we continue to remove the burden on their internal marketing team and leverage technology and creativity together.

The result.

Reliable and cost effective print production, with data management to increase efficiency and reduce the burden on Road Tech Marine’s marketing team.

The work, in detail.

The Road Tech Marine product catalogue is a sizeable product catalogue full of product information, tips and tricks, and a key part of RTM’s marketing strategy, despite a strong digital platform. 

While some aspects of catalogue production are purely creative, most of it requires practical and thorough experience producing such a large catalogue. 

Our system design and proprietary workflow to bring data and creative together, make this process as efficient and accurate as possible.

  • Creative design for the catalogue cover and internal stylings, while adhering to brand guide.
  • Removal of discontinued products and addition of new products. 
  • Live updates of pricing using our proprietary database integration, fed directly from RTM’s core database system.
  • Product photography for new products where images are not available. 
  • Formatting and layout of all information and aggregation of data for lookup tables.
  • Categorisation and indexing. 
  • Creative feature pages for important and best-selling products. 
  • Management of revisions and changes from client marketing and product buying teams.
  • Obtaining of print quotes from Australia’s largest offset printers.
  • Management of pre-press approvals, as well as on-site press checks during the press run to ensure the printing meets quality standards for the catalogue. It also allows us to identify any unexpected issues when using special finishes or inks and make adjustments if required.

Each time we undertake production for the RTM catalogue, we further refine our process, to further increase accuracy and efficiency.

While the RTM catalogue is a printed (and digital) catalogue, the same efficiencies and workflows apply equally well to large digital product catalogues also.

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