Creating stunning event visuals and cutting-edge collaborative tools


When Harte Hanks wanted to reinvigorate their sales team, Limeworks got involved to create some stunning event visuals, as well as a cutting edge app to really make the event shine.

It all started with the event app. It handled everything from delegate registration, itineraries, breakout management and even live Q&A with the keynote speakers on stage. But we didn’t stop there.

Once we had the essential functionality of the app covered, we got to work on some cutting edge features. Delegates could take photos of each other using the app and automatically have their professional information shared to foster future collaboration.

Break out information was available on the app and the results; video content, pictures and anything else could be uploaded directly back to the breakout manager or the keynote for discussion on screen.

But what about the amazing event visuals to push to the big screen? With the event series branded Creating Our Future, we created some stunning event visuals that put each speaker’s name in lights for the entire delegation to see. Those visuals also progressed from under construction through to modern city for the duration of the event.

The follow up event for this series was hosted in the Interactive Corp. building in New York City. With a massive 40 metre wide LED screen, we knew we’d have some technical challenges creating some content for a screen this size. To ensure our visuals would work on that massive display, we replicated a smaller version right here in the office.

All that planning paid off with not a single tech hurdle, running one of the world’s biggest LED screens.

The result.

The result was an amazing event series delivered with technical excellence, collaborative tools and a reinvigorated salesforce.

The work, in detail.

This was a sensational project for Harte Hanks. 

Developing everything from registration websites to signage, through to motion graphics for the big screens, and ultimately running the show. 

This required work from almost our entire team, with countless hours and 3am conference calls. 

But our preparation and willingness to push technical boundaries created a stunning event that was not only visually stunning, but overcame technical hurdles with good planning and experience. 

With events in Florida, Philadelphia, and New York City, this was a huge event series with many deliverables.

  • Branding for event series “Creating Our Future”. 
  • Event signage, name badges, gift bags, and more. 
  • A comprehensive custom event app which stretched from registration through to event breakouts. 100% mobile friendly with interactive features such as live Q&A and polls. 
  • Breakout information customised to each user for clarity around groups, locations, and requirements. 
  • Stunning event visuals with a full 3D rendered cityscape, with Harte Hanks client logos embedded throughout. 
  • Speakers’ names were placed on billboards throughout the city, as a unique way to introduce each speaker.
  • Full technical management of the event app and motion graphics throughout. 
  • Additional graphics for the New York City event to cater for the 40m wide LED screen. 

There’s probably more… but you get the idea.

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