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Guardian actuarial founder Julia Lessing engaged Limeworks to create some amazing online content.

First of all, what is an actuary?

This small scale production was captured in half a day and it’s a great demonstration of what we can achieve in very little time.

The content has performed so well for Guardian Actuarial, we were recently re-engaged to help promote the Guardian Actuarial Leadership Programme, which has received a stellar response.


The result.

The result is some amazing online content and an advertising campaign to help Guardian with their future success.

A word from Julia.

The Limeworks team has helped us create 7 marketing videos over the last 12 months.

On each occasion, Rob was invaluable in guiding the production, right through from the initial concept to the campaign launch and beyond. For each video, Rob used his expertise in marketing, sales, videography and technology to help me through the whole process from start to finish. He provided valuable advice to refine my rough ideas into polished gems that far exceeded my expectations.

As an actuary, I’m most comfortable crunching numbers, and far less comfortable in front of a camera! Rob and his team put me at ease and provided expert tips and support from script development through to filming, including the all-important hair and wardrobe advice.

Rob and his team used cutting-edge technology and their deep expertise to professionally and efficiently combine various mediums. For our videos I delivered my script to the camera, both in my office and at the Limeworks studio. We also used video testimonials from people in other locations and, due to Covid-19, these were recorded by my clients on their phones. Rob’s team seamlessly integrated the professional filming and phone-recorded testimonials, along with stock footage, to cost-effectively illustrate key messages. They also used technology to create a range of animations to bring my scripted messaging to life.

Rob and his team involved me throughout the whole process, sharing drafts and integrating my feedback, which meant there were no surprises! Rob personally ensured I was happy with the final products and provided post-production technical support as I loaded the videos across various channels such as LinkedIn and our website.

I highly recommend Rob and the Limeworks team for video marketing and they will continue to be my first choice for all of our future video production.

Julia Lessing, Director, Guardian Actuarial

Behind the production

The work, in detail.

Actuaries are fantastic with numbers, but Julia came to Limeworks because we’re fantastic with advertising!

With ideas that needed action, we guided the process by validating ideas and providing advice on the best way to reach their objectives.

When it was time for production, everything rolled seamlessly, with an amazing set of informative videos, and advertising material that performed exceptionally well. 

  • Half a day of production at the Guardian Actuarial office to produce 5 informative content videos for Actuarial services.
  • Assistance with script development and wardrobe.
  • Full editing and motion graphics, with mastering and thumbnails.
  • Sourcing and integration of appropriate stock footage to reinforce messaging without significant additional production costs.
  • A further production at Limeworks to produce advertising for the Guardian Actuarial Leadership Programme.
  • With a half day of filming we captured content to produce a 30-second promotional advertisement, as well as a longer form version to help with website conversions.
  • We provided detailed guidance on targeting and distribution for LinkedIn advertising.

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