Packaging thousands of products with a modern refresh and streamlined tools


When Jaycar approached us to refresh their packaging, we were ready for the challenge.

We consolidated over 10 different outdated brands into four modern, slick brands with brand new packaging

With the creative process complete, we knew that the real work was just about to start. With our team about to undertake over a thousand boxes every year, we knew we needed flawless process, amazing efficiency and absolute transparency.

But aside from just process, we created a custom integration for our project management system, so client and creative were connected as one.

The result.

The result was thousands of new products going to market every year with the best efficiency, brand consistency and market appeal.

The work, in detail.

This was a substantial undertaking, developing not only creative styles, but systems and processes to squeeze every aspect of efficiency from the production process. 

While efficiency was a key part of this project, packaging needs to help sell products, so it had to look great too. 

Naturally with new products being added to existing ranges over a period of years, a thorough style guide was critical to achieving long term consistency.

  • Consolidation of all existing brands representing products within selected categories to four key new brands. 
  • Fresh new brand image for all four new brands.
  • Rationalisation of all product categories to within the four key brands.
  • Brand new packaging for each brand to uphold the brand image, yet allow for subcategories to stand proud. 
  • Development of a custom integration to connect client buying team with our project management system for direct communications.
  • Well documented and refined process for revisions and approvals.
  • Product enrichment (images, product copy, manuals etc) as required.

This project saw the creation of thousands of product artworks to support hundreds of millions of dollars in product sales.

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