Putting the spotlight on budget friendly meals using canned food


When Sanitarium approached us with their recent content campaign, we were excited but knew it would be challenging.

This budget friendly recipe collection, dubbed “Tin Eats”, was all about low cost per serve meal ideas.

While many of our food shoots showcase five star ingredients, this was all about accessibility and budget friendliness, but it still had to look amazing.

Our team quickly got to work planning and preparing for this amazing shoot. All of these recipes not only needed photography, but we were capturing a stop motion video as well.

By executing photography and stop motion together, we could increase efficiency and ensure consistency between all of the output deliverables.

Of course, Sanitarium was kept in the loop by virtual link every step of the way.

The result.

The result was a fantastic looking content piece, using budget friendly ingredients that nailed the brief perfectly.

Behind the production

The work, in detail.

Sanitarium’s objective for this project was to showcase budget friendly meal ideas, however the production also had to be budget friendly too.

All props and ingredients had to follow strict accessibility requirements, and we couldn’t style the dishes with anything but ingredients called for in the recipes. 

The brief also called for showing ingredients in their tins (de-labelled) where possible, to reinforce the accessibility of the ingredients. 

  • Full day of production at Limeworks studio to concurrently film the stop-motion video, while also taking stills for all 10 dishes. 
  • Styling and prop management, with prep chef preparing all dishes.
  • Delivery of 9x stills per dish against Sanitarium’s style guide, to ensure suitability for all intended platforms.
  • Full stop motion video using 5 of the dishes, with matching styling to the photography. 
  • Digital backdrop to allow “kitchen table” background scene from studio.
  • Delivery of all stop motion videos for Australian and New Zealand markets, in widescreen, square, and portrait, for platform appropriation.

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