Reinvigorating sales teams with creative technology and precision data


How does a global company with 120,000 employees reinvigorate its sales team?

That’s what the BASF Asia Pacific Sales Event set out to achieve.

Collaboration was the mantra for this event, brought together by the theme of Formula One Racing. Delegates were provided with race inspired apparel, performed pitstop challenges, and so much more.

But we’ve skipped a step in this story.

Let’s wind it back…

How do you get 500 delegates from half the world’s countries to arrive at the right place, and the right time? With amazing planning and precision management. 

This is where we come in. We created a custom event management portal to ensure delegate registrations, and all that information was handled seamlessly.

During registration, we asked all delegates to create an interactive avatar of themselves. They didn’t quite know what for yet, but they all played along.

The end goal of this was all about the four metre high LED screens at the event, because what’s Formula One without a giant scoreboard?

For certain breakouts, such as pitstop challenges and Formula One simulators, delegates could view the four metre high scoreboard complete with their name, and that avatar they created in real time.

The result.

The result was a seamless event, a reinvigorated sales team, and an experience that can only be managed with precision data.

The work, in detail.

This event required delivery across a variety of technologies and disciplines from website development through to print production and a custom live scoring system for challenge breakouts.

We provided data management for hundreds of delegates and management, with precise reporting for team colours, breakout management, even down to sizing for delegate race jackets.

  • Custom event management portal to handle delegate registrations for the three events in the series (Singapore, India, and China).
  • Development of a custom avatar builder and integration into registration portal, for use in on-screen graphics and scoring.
  • Custom-built live wireless scoring system for challenge breakouts. The system was breakout aware providing easy scoring for referees from the team list, with live updates on the scoreboard within seconds.
  • All event collateral and communications from EDMs and compendiums, to gift bags and banners, all the way through to race themed jackets and name tags.
  • Reporting and database management for the duration of the event.
  • Event photography for each event, including main event and sub-events such as welcome dinners.

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