Selling premium real estate with a dedicated brand


How do you sell a $20 million property that requires a unique approach? A bespoke agency, and that’s Atlas by LJ Hooker.

They engaged News Corp’s agency Suddenly to come up with the creative brief. With approved creative concepts in hand, Suddenly engaged Limeworks to tackle production for this important campaign.

So you might be wondering why does an agency backed by News Corp engage us to tackle production? The answer is timing.

From the time we were engaged to the date we were on set was barely 10 days, and this was no small production. We had twenty five cast and crew on location.

Oh, and before we got there, we had to create storyboards, run castings, wardrobe, you name it. But hey, we’re Limeworks! No stress!

During pre-production, we even ran virtual castings and wardrobe trips to ensure that everything came together in time.

The day of production was upon us and everything ran absolutely flawlessly. Aside from the approaching thunderstorm.

We immediately got started on the edit to turn all that raw footage into a polished 30 second ad.

The result.

In just days, we produced and delivered an amazing campaign.

Atlas’ name is now synonymous with premium real estate.

Behind the production...

The work, in detail.

This project required incredible planning and skill to execute, while bringing creativity and practicality to the production.

We delivered 30, 15, and 6 second versions of the video ad, as well as a large selection of stills for use in print and digital campaign material.

  • Director’s treatment, storyboarding, and full production planning.
  • Casting 13 talent roles using virtual casting methods due to the short pre-production time.
  • Virtual wardrobe styling, by providing a wardrobe budget to all talent to meet the wardrobe brief, and provide images to client for approval.
  • Location scouting and management.
  • Logistics for 13 crew including all equipment including catering to make sure we didn’t all starve!
  • On-set video feed for Suddenly, as well as Atlas.
  • Editing, voiceover, colour grading, and mastering. 
  • Final edit delivered within three days of production.

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