Video content production that works.

We can’t begin to tell you just how powerful videos are. After all, that’s why I’m here talking to you right now.

There’s no shortage of amazing content producers out there, but at Limeworks, we execute like no other. Anyone can do what we do with enough time and resources. But we encourage you to put Limeworks to the test to really see what’s possible.

We own our own cinema quality equipment, backed by enterprise grade data management and battle tested workflows that get things done. Every Limeworks production is designed to maximise quality, output and value.

We’re also totally across platform appropriation. That is making sure that the video looks like it belongs on the platforms that you’re targeting.

That might mean a widescreen video, portrait, or something in between.

For specialised projects, we’re well connected with directors, stylists and specialists in many industries. We’ve worked with them before, and they augment our in-house team to ensure the very best quality results.

Everything we produce is captured in ultra high definition for 4K delivery. This means it can be used on TV, cinema, all the way through to mobile.

We work on location, in our own studio, and when the project demands it, some of Australia’s best sound stages and studios too.

Importantly, we’re extremely agile and versatile from shoots with just two crew, all the way up to a huge team of 50.

Whether your budget is a few thousand dollars or a few hundred thousand dollars, you can bank on Limeworks to maximise the value in every production.

With just one click, you can have your video content sorted. Click the button below, and let’s get those cameras rolling.

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