Website development that works.

Long gone are the days where businesses question whether or not they need a website, so I’m not going to stand here and try and convince you because it’s not 2005.

But if your website isn’t working for you or not giving your customers the experience they deserve, then it’s probably time for a shift.

Many of our website projects form part of a larger strategy the brand relaunch or a modernisation of a company. We can use historic data analysis and market insights to ensure that any new development isn’t just a change, but a big step forward.

At Limeworks, we don’t force you onto a particular platform or a particular solution the type of business or brand you have and the goals for the website should always dictate the platform forcing an e-commerce brand onto a platform like WordPress. Just because the agency feels like it is not the right approach.

We work with WordPress, Shopify, BigCommerce, Magento and many more you haven’t even heard of, as long as it suits the application.

We take a pragmatic approach to platform selection, providing you with quality advice without influence from our own preferences. We’ll go through each platform’s benefits and limitations with your brand or company in mind.

This is all done in parallel with consideration for the design. We assess the most appropriate creative route, whether that’s starting from a template and focusing on content, or a brand new user experience. Whatever’s going to suit your brand, whatever route we take, we never forget about those finer points, like conversion tracking and mobile usage. Every decision we make is validated against the question Does this benefit your customer and does it grow your brand?

Website development projects can seem like climbing and infinite mountain, but really all it takes is just one click get in touch and we’ll show you what’s possible.

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